Folding/hiding unused insert and send slots in the Inspector

Hey all,

First of all, thanks for not so bad update. :wink:

On to the point:

I work with midi a lot and this larger amount of inserts is actually making a problem for me, coz my workflow is based on using the project window as much as possible and avoiding opening the mixer. I made all of my midi/audio routings in the inspector and have all the inserts, sends and faders there opened all the time for every instrument/articulation. But now, with much longer insert list, with AFAIK no possibility to hide/fold some of them (like in mixer), fader+sends+inserts don’t fit in my 1400pix hight of the screen anymore.

I would really love to see them behave the same way as in the mixer where they are hidden and reveal one by one. I know the separate sections,INSERTS, SENDS, FADER, etc are fold-able, but I would really want them opened so I can fast reach for the fader, inserted plugins and send amounts, and a bunch of empty sends and especially inserts are taking the screen.

Thanks for reading,