Follow Chord Track Is Always Dimmed ?


I’m trying to enable the ‘Follow Chord Track’ feature on a midi track. (In the track’s inspector menu).

It is currently showing as a Greyed-Out OFF option, and I can’t turn it ON. (Always disabled showing OFF, and I can’t change it).

Am I missing something ? Do I need to do something to enable this in another menu ? I’m just starting to use the Chord Track feature, so a bit new to this, and have not found any mention if this is the normal state of this menu.

Any feedback/help regarding this detail would be appreciated.



OK. I figured it out.

There was no midi data on the track. Hence the greyed-out ‘Follow chord-track’ issue.

Once I began inputting midi on the track, the option was not greyed out any longer.

Back to learning about the Chord-Track :slight_smile:


I have noticed that. Actually, what reason could there be to require data on a track that is being used only for chord playback?

The chord track is used to take a midi phrase and alter it according to a chord progression. The midi phrase can either derive from the VST instrument or midi notes you input on the track. In the former case the track is empty, in the latter, it contains some notes. The “follow chord track” function is only active when notes are present on the track. But if you don’t want to enter your own phrase you can use HALIon Sonic’s FlexPhraser function.

– Chris.