Follow chord track problem

If I set an already recorded track to “follow chord track” and “voicing” or “single voice”, everything else on that track turns into one note, and that note can’t be changed. It doesn’t matter if MIDI record mode is set to “new parts” or “merge”.
So to avoid this I set the track to version 2 , - but then follow chord track is grayed out.
What’s going on here ??


Could you please attach a screenshot of your setting and the Chord Track?

Sure! - here’s a gif. Hope it is sufficient…
Thank’s for helping :slight_smile:
chordtrack problem


I’m sorry, I probably doesn’t understand the description. As I can see, there is a chord recorded, not a single note.

If you click the picture you should see a gif showing what happens when I press record.
The other notes on the track disappear or turns into one note,
And if I choose version 2, “follow chord track” is grayed out.
Maybe the gif is wrong ? - does it run or only shows one picture ?
PS. - I uploaded another gif now. Maybe this is better ?


I don’t see any MIDI Note in the green MIDI Part, once you record the new (orange) MIDI Part. To me it looks, like they move to other Lane.

They are there in the beginning of the gif and disappear when I press stop after record. No new parts are made.
Isn’t that what you are seeing ?


Yes, this is what I see.

But I don’t see, the MIDI Notes move/transpose to one specific MIDI Note. On the other hand, I can see the arrow at the bottom-center of the original MIDI Part. This means, there are multiple MIDI Parts at the place.

Ok. Here’s another gif showing what happens if I choose “single voice”.
single voice chordtrack problem

The reason I like “single voice” is, that I then can assign 4-5 tracks to e.g SATB and have the chord notes separated into those tracks.
But I don’t want the rest of the tracks to change.