"Follow Cursor" or "Show Cursor" preference??

Just transitioning from C5 and I cant copy my preferences over…not sure why but it sucks lol.

Anyways…where is the preference setting for the screen to follow the cursor or at least SKIP TO THE CURSOR when I PRESS 1? I’m so used to everything skipping to the first marker when I press 1 on the number pad…and for it to not happen in 6 is driving me nutz. I looked in prefences but I cant seem to find it.

And regarding transferring my preferences, when I save them in C% I cant even search them in W7…so I cant find them to copy them into the C6 folder. In fact my pref and keycommand folders won’t show up!!


1 on the number pad is actually Left Locator.

I had it set up as you did as well, but each time I install of course it reverts to defaults.

Yeah left locator not first marker lol…my bad.

I figured it out though…I turned on autoscroll at the top of the project window then deselected “Stationary Cursor” in the Transport section of Preferences.

Now I gotta change these goofy default pink and purple colors :imp: :imp:

Ok now when I hit record, the cursor flies back to the closest bar…even with SNAP OFF…wtf???