Following bars disappear copying a 2nd voice into another Dorico file

Hi guys,
i finished another project and came across a strange problem. I was going to arrange a piece for another instrumentation so i worked with a source and a destination dorico file. The origin of the source file was a musicxml file exported from sibelius. In the source there was for example the clarinet 1 and 2 in one staff on different voices, in the dest file they got 2 staves. But somtetimes, when i copied the 2nd voice from the source and pasted it into the dest., all following rests disappeard until i entered another note in the following bar.
I reduced the two files to the minimum to check it out. Look at the following screenshots:
Source file, i’m going to copy the 2nd voice in this bar
This happens when i past it into any staff in the destination file

I attach also the two files, so maybe someone can try it out, too.
I think it’s a special problem because of the origin of the source file as a musicxml file, but i’m not sure. Even stranger: if you copy the 2nd voice of the first bar, the pasting into the other file goes as expected
Problem Dest.dorico (1.2 MB)
Problem Source.dorico (672.2 KB)

Check the last note in that phrase for the “Ends voice” property in the Properties panel, lower zone. If it’s active, deactivate it.

(Dorico uses this and the partner “Starts voice” property to suppress implicit rests between notes/rests in a particular voice. It’s also quite common to encounter this in MusicXML imports, but you can always check your settings in Preferences > MusicXML to reduce the number of settings from imported files, which allows Dorico to do more stuff natively.)

Oh, i see! Makes now sense. Thanks a lot!