following cursor in playback

just my day for problems.
piano piece; started in letter/portrait, but changed it to legal/landscape. when I play it back, the screen moves right with the cursor but when it reaches the end of the page it does not go to the next line. I hear the music but can’t see it.

You’re not alone. It’s an occasional problem. I’ve found that saving, closing, and re-opening usually does it for me.

That may make it disappear for a while; though it seems as though once you’ve been struck with the bug, it will dutifully follow you, alas.

Switching modes used to help; but rarely does now.

I have the problem where the cursor is not at all in the right place while the music is going. And then after a page or two, or a certain number of bars, the cursor is in such a different place that the music being played (through the instruments) is not eva close to the music being represented on the page.
(on another note, today I opened Dorico, and my music won’t play at all. Zero playback.)
A little frustrated with Dorico lately. Lots of crashes, and this playback thing.

aleos, have you checked your sample rate? Preferences, scroll to the bottom, open your audio interface settings. This is often the solution for such a problem.