Font AMBITUS, molto interessante!

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Buona Musica


Good job, Tim. I bought it as soon as I saw it, like five hours ago :wink:


Thanks, I hope you like it, and I’m always open for suggestions.

I have a few ideas for the font, but not everything that’s possible is useful (and, unfortunately, vice versa). When @DanKreider published MusGlyphs, I joked that sooner or later we wouldn’t need Dorico any more because we could just write our scores in MS Word. Fortunately, that’s still just a joke.



“It had better be…”

But seriously, well done on the font. How would you use it within Dorico - a text frame by the side of the system?

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…per esempio nel Nome dello strumento, vedi allegato.


Oh, so instead of a text frame, you used the instrument name for this? Fun.

Thanks for this! Complete no-brainer purchase for me! I haven’t spent much time with it yet, but does it have other noteheads than the traditional oval ones? I could easily see this being used to indicate the different percussion instruments in a kit.

Amazing what you can do with fonts!

so how would you go about making the tuning for timpani, for example, and still have the staff name “timpani” in front of the staff?

would this only work in Dorico 4? or will it work with Dorico 3.5?

Yes, at the moment there are only these three noteheads, but of course others can be added.

Which ones would you like to see? I suppose they wouldn’t need accidentals, right?

I would probably use a text element (Shift-X) and move it in front of the staff in Engrave mode. I‘m not in front of my PC right now, so I can’t say if it’s also possible to move the staff labels to the left and fit the ambitus diagram between those and the staff, but I would imagine it is.

The font works in any version of Dorico (or any other program that can display text with ligatures and kerning.

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Hey - this font is awesome, but can you add Soprano and Mezzo Soprano (C1 and 2)? clefs please? Without them it’s not much use to me…

Yes, clefs are (rather) easy to add. I suppose “S” and “M” would be useful shortcuts?

Yes please!

Mostly, I was thinking the X noteheads, but others might have different ideas. It would also be nice to have a percussion clef option.

Amazing font! Very useful. Thanks for posting about it.

Great job! I’m going to buy it. I would like to make suggestions (will help a lot to create drum kits info):

  1. Include x noteheads
  2. Be able to insert o (open) and + (closed) to noteheads
  3. noteheads inside parenthesis
  4. Percussion clef

Don’t know how hard it is to include these funcions, but would be great.


Bought it as soon as I saw it. Very useful, great job.

Great suggestions, thanks!

  • I will add x noteheads and probably triangle noteheads as well, but without accidentals (because every notehead/accidental combination is a single glyph, so 21 “x noteheads” is manageable whereas 126 “x noteheads plus accidentals” are more of a pain, and I suspect that nobody needs those anyway - although I wouldn’t put it past some composers to write “Music for crash cymbals in Cbb minor”)
  • o, + and probably R, L will be added (after I figure out how to always place them correctly for each pitch - should be possible, but may need some tweaking)
  • parentheses are easy if the noteheads don’t have accidentals. I had already experimented with parentheses around any kind of notehead, but I haven’t yet been successful with that (it’s not possible to create nested kerning combinations – but there may be other ways I haven’t explored yet. It is mindboggling what can be done with fonts, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet). I need to figure out if I can add parentheses around simple noteheads in a forwards-compatible way so users won’t have to rewrite their Ambitus texts if that new feature is added eventually.
  1. Percussion clef (and, as suggested earlier, soprano and mezzosoprano clefs) will be added.

This is becoming more and more fun. Thank you all for your great feedback!


OK, let’s get the easy stuff out of the way first: