Font disappeared from Styles menus

Mac OS 10.13

I was using a specific font for most of the non-music text in a project. Today I went back to edit the project and found that all the text had reverted to Academico and my desired font (Harrington) was no longer in the font list. Harrington is still in the font list for other applications, so this is Dorico specific.

Any solution? Any idea why this happened?



Perhaps check in Font Book to see if Harrington has any kind of conflict or requires repair. Dorico should see any font that is installed in either /Library/Fonts or /Users/your-username/Library/Fonts, but it must be installed and active before you start Dorico: if you use any kind of third-party font activation software (something like Adobe TypeKit or FontExplorer X, etc.), then make sure that the font is present and installed before you run Dorico.