Font error

In the attached project, I’m using three paragraph styles for three different page sizes as a test for a client. The third layout, 4.75 x 7.375, uses “Lyrics (Tight 4.75)” style.

First, the style is not displaying correctly in the paragraph style list in the bottom panel. The name is incorrect.

But more problematic is that the hyphens and verse numbers are not displaying in the correct size… and I’m not sure how to correct them. I hope this isn’t another problem with my bootleg font… but it seems that paragraph style overrides are not correctly applying to verse numbers and hyphens.

I hadn’t noticed this before, since all my lyric style alterations had been stretch changes only, not point size.

test.dorico (687.7 KB)

Apologies for the long delay in looking at this thread.

Lyric verse numbers always draw using the Lyric (Verse Numbers) paragraph style, even if they are shown as a result of activating the Show verse number property for a selected lyric. I think this is correct.

For hyphens, we could potentially make them draw using the same paragraph style as the preceding lyric, but of course it could still look odd if the following syllable, say, isn’t drawn using the same overridden paragraph style. I’ll make a note of this in any case.

Sorry to bring this up again, but I’m running into it constantly. I appreciate the recent update that draws hyphens to match, but I’m wondering if verse numbers could possibly be considered. Here’s the example I encounter: the lyrics are 9.8-pt, and the descant is 9.0:


Of course I can resolve this by hiding the verse number and entering it manually, but I would still prefer the verse number to use the same style as the syllable to which it’s attached. Thanks.