Font is nearly unreadable


is there a was to change the font? Have a look at the picture. The word MIDI in the MIDI input/output selection field is completely unreadable.

not on my studio pc and laptop. maybe it has something to do with microsoft cleartype. do you have it deactivated? ed

Yes, I always deactivate cleartype.

Cleartype looks awful. There must be a way without cleartype? At least I hope so.

I’m using Cubase 6, now. The screen resolution is 1200x1024.

that looks like you are have the monitor set to something other than the native resolution. Is that the case?

No, that’s the native solution of my monitor.

what’s the monitor and what video card? You might be able to fix some of that with some base properties settings.

It has nothing to do with the monitor or the video card. Every other application looks fine and even Cubase 5 looks good. It’s the font, I assume. Maybe a work arround like the one for Cubase 5.5 is needed to fix this.

It can have a lot to do with the video card and monitor combination. The way TT works is convoluted. C5 and C6 could be using the exact same font but may be asking for it in a completely different way. The results can be completely different. I’m not guaranteeing it can be fixed with a properties setting, but it is possible that it can.


Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen when you switch clear type off?

The biggest inprovement I had generally with my computer was buying a digital monitor cable. Clear type now actually looks good now, and is far easier to read than the old Cubase 5 font. Windows 7 has a setup wizard for tuning Clear type, and I can’t remember if windows XP has such a thing.

Cubase 6 looks much better now, in my opinion, with ClearType on, the individual letters are better formed.


There are far more settings that clear type. And technically if you have a decent “digital” monitor, you shouldn’t have to turn it off.

if you are using a vga connection for your monitor at least try and do an adjustment. The monitor itself should have an adjustment button…

I think you should consider using ClearType. (Looks to me like the font used was made for ClearType. There’s quite a few like that for Windows, for example Consolas.)

I really didn’t like ClearType at first (back in the Windows XP days) but nowadays I wouldn’t dream of going back. Takes a few days for the brain/eyes to get used to the smoothing I agree, but IMHO it’s much easier to read without straining my eyes.


PS. Make sure to tweak the ClearType settings in Windows7 to match your screen.

Absolutely, I use high res monitors so everything is very small, all the text in cubase 6 looks very good on my two 24 inch 1920x1200 samsungs.


Well, ClearType gives a big improvement with my LCD monitor in WXP. When I first got the monitor after my beautiful old 21" CRT (1200x1600) monitor died, I was horrified by the poor clarity of the screen fonts til I switched ClearType on.

(Unfortunately, W98 has no equivalent, so when I switch the monitor (& keyboard & mouse) over to an old PC running W98, the screen text lacks clarity - whereas, on the CRT monitor, it used to be very good.)

It’s got to be worth trying, bemi.

Same problem with me. I want answers, too.