Font "Refresh"?

I’m collaborating with someone who wants to use one of the HEJI microtonal fonts as a tonality system. He has the fonts installed on his mac, they are in his “font book” but when he tries to select them in Dorico, they are not in the list.

It seems like Dorico just needs to “refresh” what fonts are available. Any advice?

Unless the HEJI font is SMuFL-compliant, you’ll have a fair bit of work to do to use it in practical terms, as you’ll have to manually define every accidental in the tonality system. Bravura already contains a full set of HEJI accidentals, so you might be better-served by using the built-in symbols.

Try this link. There is a Font + the jason file to put in Library->Application Support->SMUFL.


Thanks Folks, yes it’s already in use by many of us and it’s working fine. We can input each glyph as needed and create the tonality system.

Thanks Jesper, that’s great, we’ve already done that. On my computer it works fine.

The issue is that my collaborator doesn’t see the font in Dorico’s list of fonts at all. It’s as though Dorico doesn’t recognize some of his fonts, even though they are SMUFL-compliant and already installed to his (mac) font folder and font book.

It’s possible I/we are missing something obvious here that you are explaining. If so, I apologize. I would understand if there were issues with it looking strange and of course the tonality system is complex (we’re up to speed on all that), but these fonts are simply not even showing up in Dorico’s menus as options. Maybe he needs to re-install Dorico?

Thanks - really appreciate the quick responses!

He needs to install the JSON file.


Success, thanks Craig and everyone!

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