Font selection dropdowns


the font selection dropdown menus are quite tedious if one has many fonts installed. Things like support for fast scrolling using PgUp/PgDown or searching by name would help.

Just start typing the name of the font you want…

The much bigger issue is you have to keep opening the font menus. Good heavens I hope there’s the option to apply without auto closing in D3.

…and don’t use capitals - took me a couple of minutes to work that one out! Thanks for this Leo - I wasn’t aware you could do this and it will save time.

Personally, I’d like to see Fonts In Use or Fonts Recently Used at the top of the menu and, as the first post says, the scrolling speed through the menu increased. For some reason it’s very slow compared to other programs. Example: using the scroll wheel on my mouse I can scroll down from the first font to the last font in under 2 seconds in Pages. It takes me 17 seconds in Dorico.

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It’s a (long-standing) bug in the Qt framework that we have reported to them, but so far they’ve shown no interest in fixing it.