Font size at metering

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the font size in the meters.
Right now i have a dedicated screen for metering with the windows size set to 125% and I noticed that the fonts in the LUFS meter are a lot bigger (like they should) then the fonts in the level and spectrometer.
It looks like the fonts in the level and spectro don’t go bigger when the windows-size changes while the LUFS meter does.
Because the screen is pretty far away from my desk I want the fonts to be bigger, or I want them to size along with the windows settings as it supposed to do.
Is it a bug or a feature or is there any other wayt to change that? Should not be that hard I think.

BTW, it´s mostly the size of the fonts right next to level meters (rms and peak)
But also the fonts right and left to the panning meter.
They appear way smaller than the other fonts and it’s not possible to read.

A small screenshot would be helpful.

Here you go :slight_smile:
In the bottom (circled with red) you see the small fonts, above that you see bigger (the right size) fonts.