Font styles handling in Dorico...

Thank you for this detailled answer, I appreciate it and it will help me to better understand Doricos behaviour with fonts.

I solved my issues 100%
Now all my RS Alpha works in Dorico… :slight_smile:

It seems that FontLab7 does not name correctly the fonts, I went back to FL5 on windows 8, renamed the fonts from scratch and now they all work. Dorico read them finally.

Congrats Nordine! And thanks for sharing your issues here, it might help other font creators !

Marc, I also thank you for being my best beta-tester. :wink: :sunglasses:

Yes, interesting though! :wink:

I have many custom accidentals, all from one font. They worked correctly in all respects in Dorico 2.2 (Macintosh). In 3.1, they load and show up and sound correctly in all the Dorico onscreen modes (Setup, Write, etc.), but some will not print (in a pdf or otherwise). I’ve tried looking in several places for discrepancies between the ones that print and the ones that don’t. No success. I also get the font missing dialog for these accidentals all the time in 3.1, but the font is present.

The font missing dialog often shows missing STYLES of a given typeface, e.g. there’s no Bold or Italic for a Music font, but a Dorico ‘Font Style’ is set to use a Music Font in a Bold weight.

For font portability in PDFs, maybe you need to check if your fonts are embeddable I mean if they are set to “Installable Mode” :bulb: . see attachment.

Yes, but -generally- I think that Dorico is set to use Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic to whatever font it uses. :confused:

The font is listed as embedded in the pdf, but the pdf still doesn’t print many of the accidentals. The question may be what’s different about Dorico 3, because under the same circumstances, Dorico 2 wasn’t a problem.

Please make a new post and report that, Daniel might help you!

No need to start a new thread. The team reads every thread and every reply.


No need to start a new thread. The team reads every thread and every reply.

Ah! d’accord. :slight_smile:

Can you attach a minimal example project that uses these accidentals, and the font itself, in a zip file in a reply to this thread? Without the actual project and the actual font there’s nothing we can do to help.

Thanks for that request — here’s a file (I hope) with a scale on D using all the accidentals plus the font. (593 KB)

Thanks for the files. There seems to be something a bit untoward with the font itself; although it appears to work OK in Dorico, and it appears to be embedded correctly in the PDF, I find that it chokes both of the font editing applications.I have access to on my computer here, crashing one and showing no glyphs in the other. So I think the font may be a bit suspect.

Thanks for trying it. Still a mystery, then, that it worked in earlier Dorico and that even now some glyphs show up in the pdf but others don’t.

If you can see what’s wrong with the font, I’ll be interested! May changing the font format help?

Unfortunately I can’t see what’s wrong with the font, so I’m not sure exactly what to suggest.

I’m not entirely sure this is the cause of your problems but I see that your font contains a lot of glyphs with names that contain or consist entirely of special characters. It’d be worth to try and use canonical names.

What software have you used to create the font?

I tried to re-generate the font again from FontForge and Glyphs app, please let me know if this prints out correctly. Just re-write the old font, but please backup it first. (16.7 KB)
p.s: When I loaded the font at first in FL7, FL7 crashed, Glyphs app opened a blank version of the font … well, FF does the job!