'Font Styles' - missing global sets

I am fiddling a bit with a hand-drawn / Jazz font, and I am seriously wondering why you haven’t got a GLOBAL set in the Font Styles window… ??
Wouldn’t it be extremely easy and convenient for the user to make the needed changes (concerning fonts) and save these into a SET.
…like “Jazz-Music”, or “Hand-drawn”, or “child-look” …or whatever might show up, in time…

I guess you say - do one setup-song once, and that solves it… yes. true… but, wouldn’t it be rather simple to give the user this?
(If I want to check how a score looks in different “clothings”, instead of going havoc with copy&Paste, I just select this GLOBAL-SET. Done.


The intention is that doing this via Engrave > Music Fonts allows you to do that, at least for the music font.

In future we do expect to provide further tools to import and export sets of styles between projects.