Font wishes for rhythm slash & slash notation

I’m really looking forward to the coming update with chords and other jazz features.

Slash notation
I haven’t seen any thoughts from you about rhythm slashes and slash notation and how it will be implemented. Even though I have some wishes concerning the layout of them. Both in Finale (well, my last version of Finale was -97…) and in Sibelius the default font setting looks pretty ugly, with too big note heads. Of course I don’t know how the default settings will look like in Dorico but I hope it’ll be possible to customize the note heads if you’ll use the large note heads used in the default settings in Sibelius. (See the attached pic for my wish)
Drum set notation
Are you planning any tools for drum set notation? With the MakePitchesConstant-plugin in Sibelius it takes just a couple of minutes to create a great looking drum set part.

Yes, we expect to be tackling slash notation when we tackle unpitched percussion. I’m afraid this is not in scope for the update we are working on right now, but the plan is that this will be one of the main areas of focus for the following update.

Oki, thanks Daniel!
I’m looking forward to a hear more about your thoughts about this.

Stupid question: Do you have any idea of what time area we’re talking about, approximately when to expect this update?

I can’t be very specific, I’m afraid, because if I start setting specific expectations with dates, and then things take longer than I said they would, you and other users will get frustrated with us. We are going as fast as we can.

Of course! I’m just eager to leave Sibelius behind me and start doing all my works in Dorico,
You’re doing a great job! :slight_smile:

I am trying to write a drum set part, and can’t seem to get anything other than the middle staff line to have notes on it. Is there a work around for indicating at least two rhythmic materials on the top and bottom staves?

Unpitched percussion has not yet been implemented but is coming in future upgrades.
Some folks have found that by substituting a treble or bass clef for the percussion clef, one can notate on different staff lines (even though playback will not work).
It is also possible to redefine the percussion clef to allow note placement on multiple lines if you understand XML format and are willing to take the risk. (This is discussed some in another thread on the topic.)

The orchestral cues feature is nothing but pure genius. Is it possible that you’ll make drum set notation work in a similar way? (As in the first post of this thread)
(I.e. paste the cues as small notes and fill with slashes below)
This would be great a great solution, as long as editing/simplifying the rhythm in the drum part set part not affects the part from where the cue derives.

We do expect to make it possible to create a rhythmic cue in a drum set that brings the rhythm from another instrument in due course, yes.

Will a rhythmic cue be able to show above any instrument slave?

Oki, thanks Daniel!

It sounds on your comment as this may not be on your “high priority list”. Do you have any idea about when one can expect that feature to be implemented? (As a jazz arranger this is sort of crucial for my daily work…)

I managed to create this on a “regular” instrument using cues and rhythm notation (and a looooot of tweaking…). So, when creating such drum parts it doesn’t have to be in a percussion instrument since it’s only for layout and it doesn’t play back. I assume that you, of course, have a much more elegant way of solving this, but my point is that when slashes and one bar repeats are implemented it’s fully possible to create a good looking drum set part.

Steve, a rhythmic cue can already show above any stave except percussion staves.

Mats, we’re working on slashes at the moment, but the work we’re doing on slashes doesn’t necessarily guarantee that we’ll be able to tackle the rhythmic cue on percussion staves case, as we’ve stopped working on cues now after having worked on them for the better part of last year. I can’t make any promises, but it is our intention to support this case soon.

Sonds great Daniel. And as I mentioned before, as long as the slashes, rhythmic notation and one bar repeats are fully implemented the notation option I’m looking for should be realizable using other instruments than percussion staves. (i.e. any treble staff)
For this purpose it’s not necessary using a percussion instrument since the notation is only for layout and not playback.

Thanks Daniel, I’d not caught this.

Great to see Daniel talking about this. Really looking forward to rhythm/slash notation implementation.

Did you see this article on using Lua scripting for slash notation?