Fonts Not Working

Bought some extra fonts when I had Dorico 4 and they worked fine on Dorico 4.

I bought Dorico 5 and some of the fonts don’t work anymore. Even the new fonts that came with 5, don’t fully work, particularly when using chords and chord symbals.

Am I doing something wrong?

Welcome to the forum @dgriderjr.

I’m not familiar with fonts but hopefully someone will have some advice for you soon.

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Your words are our eyes!

What platform and OS version? Which particular fonts don’t work?
In what way? Are they not listed in the menus; do they produce the wrong glyphs?

Can you supply a screenshot?

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OMG! It’s hard living a double life… :upside_down_face: :wink:

Now that I have some time, let me go in depth and walk you through it.

  • I open up one of the jazz charts in my library.
  • I want to change the font to one of the fonts I bought from notation central.
  • I goto the top of the screen to, Library > Music Fonts…
    Box pops up showing all the fonts that are available to me and that I’m currently using the Bravura music font.
  • I pick one of the Notation Central called Groove from the MF window. (everything changes and everything is good to this point.)
  • I now want to change the letters and numbers to fit the style of the layout. So I goto, Library > Font Styles…
    Box pops up with a white box that shows the font you want to use.
  • I scroll down to Groove Alpha (which is what I’m supposed to use in this instance).
  • The box should read Groove Alpha, instead it is blank. There’s nothing in the box.

The same thing happens when I use the new fonts that came with Dorico 5. Even though I can choose, Library > Music Fonts… > Finale Jazz - and everything automatically changes, in the Font Styles window, Finale Jazz Text is blank in the window.

Is there a way I can include screenshots on here?

Thank you all for your help and insight on this.

Hi @dgriderjr

You didn’t answer this.

Did you try to reinstall your fonts? And restart your computer?
If you are on Window, I remember that there is an option to reset/correct fonts problem in the OS…(in Control Panel/Fonts/Fonts settings and Restore default fonts settings) (don’t know it this helps though)

To upload a picture you can just drag it into the post editor (the box where you enter the text of your posts). (It is all explained in the Forum Guide)

I wonder if perhaps you’re encountering a more general problem with using Dorico in light mode (with a white backdrop to the panels rather than a dark one). Is that possible?

Screenshots really would help us understand what you’re seeing. It’s pretty easy to upload them: you can drag and drop an image file straight onto the message box, or if taking a screenshot to the clipboard you can use Cmd/Ctrl-V to paste it straight into the message box.

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I’m sorry…

MacBook Pro 16-inch
Chip: Apple M3 Pro
Memory: 18 GB
macOS: Sonoma 14.4.1
Dorico Pro 5 Version

I will reinstall the fonts and give that a shot and let you how it turns out.


I suggest contacting Notation Central or the author @Nordine who is on this forum. You must use the supplied installer as it does more than copy fonts to the font folder, it also installs the JSON file into Dorico. But hopefully you know this.


Is Groove Alpha a music font, or a text font?

If it’s a music font, then it won’t work as the “Default Text Font”, because it has no ABC letters.

Anything that ends in “Text Font” should be a … text font, like Academico, Nepomuk, Plantin, Caslon, etc.

Anything that ends in “Music Font” should be a music font, e.g. Bravura, Sebastian, Finale Maestro, etc.

Also, something’s gone a bit mad, because you’ve got several “Chord Symbols Music Text Font” items.


Sorry for the troubles you’ve encountered.

I’m the designer of Groove fonts, and I believe there is a description about how to change music and text fonts on Notation Central and on my website too.

It’s easy to change music font and text fonts at once but just selecting the music font from Library/Music Fonts/ choose “Groove”, that’s it.

Please email me your project and will see what I can do, also a receipt of your order from NC so that I can send you my last updated installer for macOS.

I also suggest that you clean up Dorico 5, I mean that you uninstall it from your machine, empty the trash, reboot your macOS, re-install Dorico 5 from scratch.

Now run Dorico 5 and watch if you can see my Groove music font and Groove Alpha text font, if not, run the installer: GROOVE FONTS FAMILY FOR DORICO & FINALE V27+.pkg

Hope this helps.


By the way, there might be just a problem of system font cache that needs to be cleaned/cleared???.. :thinking:

Open your Font Book app, and try to resolve any duplicated font:

File / Resolve Duplicates…(cmd+L) *

You’ll get a popup message, click on : Resolve Automatically

That’s going to do nothing, unless they also delete the user settings files. (And even then, that’s a bit “nuke and pave” for a font issue.)

If Dorico is launching, then there’s no problem with its installed components.

I know you’re trying to be thorough, but re-installing is rarely the solution to most problems, which are much more likely to be configuration issues.

Also, as you’ll know Font Book doesn’t empty the OS font cache, which you have to do by booting to Safe Boot mode (and then restarting again), or using the atsutil command.

Groove Alpha has letters, number, and music symbals.

Atleast it did when I first purchased it.

I think you may have a good idea here. I’ve never reinstalled Dorico since I’ve bought it.

As far as those “Chord Symbols Music Text Font” items go, that happened when I first got Dorico and was setting up how I wanted my chords to look on the page and I kept saving so I didn’ t lose what I was doing.

I’ll work on getting rid of them. :laughing: :laughing: