We know that Dorico will include the excellent Bravura music font, but what about text fonts?

It would be a shame if Bravura was sat next to Times New Roman by default (sorry, I know some people really like it!). Are there any plans to include a better font, e.g. Palatino?

We plan to include a number of text fonts. The text font that is used by default at the moment, which you can see glimpses of in the screenshots that have been published to date, is a font called Academico, which is a recreation of the Century Schoolbook font family (by my not particularly fair hand).

I anticipate that we will include some other OFL-licensed font families as well (Bravura is also released under the OFL). There are some super ones, including classic typefaces often used in scores.

Will we be able to use any of our already installed text fonts (as we can with Sibelius and Finale) or will we have to use whatever fonts are installed with Dorico?

Of course you will be able to use any text font family that is already installed on your system, as you please.

Sounds great - thanks!