Fontsize Chord diagrams beginning of a flow

Is there a way to set the font size of the chord diagrams that start at the beginning of a flow to the same scale as the chord diagram automatically? In the layout options, you can set the size of the diagrams. The only way I see to change the font size is in ‘Edit Fontstyles - Chord Symbol Fonts’, but this is a global change. Please spare me responses like you’re using Dorico wrong or you don’t get the concept… that’s just unnecessary.

Set the scale factor in Layout Settings…

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correct. that’s the issue, set the scale to a higher value or a lower, the font size won’t change of the chord symbols.

two extreme examples here.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-22 um 14.24.44
Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-22 um 14.24.59

You can also adjust the size of the chord symbol independently by editing the Chord symbol text font and Chord symbol music text font font styles in Library > Font Styles, but note that this will affect all chord symbols throughout the project, not only in the grid of frames at the start of the flow.

thank you, that’s what I tried too :slight_smile: so no other way/option. Maybe something for a future update, there could be an option where the font symbols scale with the size of the diagrams.