Foolin' with VariAudio

Looking for a little advice. I have used VA to do some minor pitch correction on vocals and other monophonic tracks which works just fine, but the other day I decided to have a little fun and try to create some harmonies. So I duplicated a scratch vocal and then started creating intervals which were appropriate, however, I seem to have lots of “aliasing” when I do this… … normally I use real double tracking, so I’ve not run across this so much… any suggestions?

Its probably something simple, go ahead, slap me with that seal flipper! :laughing:

Basically…You can’t pitch shift that far without it sounding crap!

You could try pitch shifting the whole file trying different algorithms & formant corrections to give the best result & then correcting the scale in Variaudio…but it will still sound like pants.

He’s right, you know, but sometimes pants is just what you want. Have a listen the vocals at the start of “See Me Coming” on my Cactus Juice page (see sig, excuse the plug, you’ll probably hate the tune). I think most of them are 3rds with even a 5th at one point. I think they sound like Medieval Monks chanting and fit perfectly. One thing, though. They were done with 5.5’s VA. The VA in 6 seems smoother, I think they tweaked it a bit, and in this case lost that edge when I compared. Or seemed to have.

I’ve also found that PitchShift applied over the top can smooth things out a bit. Other FX (chorus, delay) might help.

Whatever else, I’ve found writing BV’s with VA very useful. You can try out things you may never come up with at the mic, mistakes happen that sound better than what you were aiming at, it can sound totally wierd, etc. And then you go and sing it properly. Works for guitar solos too.

Interesting comments, thanks guys… perhaps I could make this clearer… duplicate a vocal track, play both back together, you get some weird doubling because they are identical… which I stated in my original post as “aliasing”, which may not be the correct terminology. So I then pitched (in no more than major thirds) the second track to harmonize with each note in the original track… but that aliasing sound remained…

Luckily this is just an experiment and not something I plan to keep… but I wanted to see if it was do-able. Try it yourself and see if you can get it to sound clean!

That does sound better than my result… so I am going to take another stab at it for the sake of science. Nice track by the way, thanks for sharing.

Glad you like it, tell your friends… :smiley: