Footer on every page?

I’ve had a look in the Dorico manual etc… but not managed to figure out how to get my copyright info to appear on every page.

Is it possible?

You need to edit the master pages in Engrave mode. The First master page applies to the first page, and the Default master page applies to the remaining pages. Double click on the master page to edit it.

Sure. Edit the Default Master Page (right panel of Engrave mode), add a text frame at the bottom of the left and right variants of the master page containing the {@projectTitle@} or {@flowTitle@} token, then Apply and Close.

Further info/suggestions: If you are typing the token {@flowCopyright@}, make sure in Project Info you add your date in the Flow area, if you use {@projectCopyright@}, put the info in the Project area. Also if you want a “©” to appear, you can type option-g (for a Mac - not sure on Windows).

I’ll look at the default page in the manual. I’ve got it open but don’t know how to edit it! I’ll just give it a read.
Tried copyng and pasting from but First page … that’s not it! I’ll get there…


To edit, just double-click the page as Dan mentions. Just for clarity sake, the image “First” shows that a footer token automatically exists at the bottom of this first Master Page. It currently uses the token {@projectCopyright@}. The image marked “Default” shows that there is no footer (by default). In order to appear on all pages (and not just the first one), you will need to add a copyright token to this “Default” master page.

Just adding:
In windows:
“©” by pressing and typing 0169 while pressing , symbol appears when you release