Footnote tied to bar

Is there or could there one day be a way of inserting a footnote which will appear on the same page as a certain bar of the music, wherever page that may be after casting off?


There is not yet a way of doing this, but I agree it is necessary.


+1 for this feature! Ideally it would appear in both the score and in the specific player’s part that it applies to. And numbering/symbols of the footnotes would automatically be adjusted as footnotes are added here and there in the music, as e.g. Microsoft Word does. Would be amazing.

That would be very cool!

Oh man, this would be amazing…

My biggest anticipation is for greater functionality within text frames and related options. Can’t wait…

I’d love to be able to do that! And also endnotes a.k.a. taglines (the naming convention in Lilypond).

For now I work around this by creating a separate master page based on “Default” with an extra text frame at the bottom containing the footnote and a playing technique with the appearance of an asterisk at the place to which the footnote is referring.

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Sorry to bounce, but yes, me too! Footnotes would be an awesome as-yet-to-my-knowledge-unimplemented-elsewhere feature.

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Yeah, this would be a game changer feature for a lot of situations.

+1 +1 +1 for ability to have footnotes attached to notes or objects.