Is there a way to write a footnote in Dorico? i.e. to put an asterisk etc. beside a note or a measure, and have it reference the player to a footnote at the bottom of the page, with instructions etc.


Great idea!

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There are definitely workarounds for this but I’m guessing you’re just requesting this feature? I wouldn’t use it but I like the idea.

At present your best bet is to add it as a staff-attached text item to the lowest-staff instrument, then hide it in that instrument’s part layout.

This way, at least it moves with the music, instead of a text frame.

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You could also use the Copyright token - if you put the asterisk text in the Copyright box on the Project info, it should show up at the bottom of the first page. Then again, if you need the Copyright, then maybe out of luck. Just a thought.

The technically “correct” way to do this is to create alternate master pages that include text frames at the bottom, and assign them, as needed, once you are in the final stages of doing layout, and then add the appropriate footnote text to the affected pages when all is said and done. All of that out of the way, I use Dan’s method. It’s much simpler and quicker.

A few of us have requested a “footer” option, not dissimilar to flow headings, that would dynamically affect the score as needed. Something like that would be perfect for these scenarios, especially if you could toggle the footer to be at the bottom of the page, or the end of the flow, depending on your needs (and have multiple footers).


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I hope this will indeed be a feature request… I use Elements so using master pages etc. is not an option. I’ll probably just make a comment right below the measure - it seem that anything else is too much of a hassle…

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You can always make it right below the affected measure and then just move it’s attachment point to a measure at the bottom of the page once you finalize your layout. That’s pretty quick and simple.

Ok - thanks again. Will try that.

Any more thoughts on footnotes?

I’m working on a piece by a living(!) composer, and they’ve added all kinds of lengthy instructions to the score, which the players probably need in their parts. These often affect multiple players, .e.g all the strings.

(How can they ignore them, if they don’t know they’re there? :rofl:)


I just tried searching the manual for footnotes and only two results came up (frames and page format changes) that I’m not easily understanding. Looking to achieve something similar to this:

Would this be a “footer” or something that’s best done via the method @Romanos described back in August? Many thanks!

Dorico doesn’t have a way of showing this kind of footnote in a way that it will both act like a text frame that is glued to the bottom of the page and also move as expected if that bar/system ends up on a different page, so you’ll need to employ some kind of manual methodology. Either a staff-attached text item, manually positioned in Engrave mode, or a page template with a text frame applied to the right page in the project.


I’d love this too. The workaround is ok, except when revisions occur and things move. It’s nice for things to automatically follow changes - fewer confusing rehearsal moments. Ideally, it would be something that is attached to the footer of the page in question only. It’s such a pain for performers to have to request the score to look at the playing information - if it’s instrument specific, it would be nice to have on the page in question.