For future version of Dorico: turns at end of trill, and grace notes

In very standard string writing, a trill will often times have a little pair (or more) of grace notes at the end, a turn, to show the way the trill should end and then lead into the subsequent material.

likewise, multi-stops are often written as a grace note (or pair of grace notes) that are tied into the “real” note (or slurred, depending how many strings are involved in the multi-stop).

And of course, there are very often situations in solo string writing where BOTH are required: a trill ends a bar, has a turn at the end, and the next bar starts with a multi-stopped chord.

This means two different types of grace notes.

It is obligatory that Dorico eventually include a means of achieving this result without resorting to work-arounds.

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Yes, we know this is a requirement and it’s something we will undoubtedly address at some point in the future, though it is not currently a high priority.

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