For God’s Sake Fix Metering In Cubase

Metering speed—fallback speed can be set to a max of 40 db per second. Bring it to Pro Tools response time. Also make the GUI consistent—take away the weird, ugly gradient on metering and have a more professional looking meter. Make it thinner in the mixer, with more useful info. We also need compression GR metering in mixer like Pro Tools, Logic and S1—one that shows third party VST GR as well. Thank you!

I’d add option for average metering (like RMS/VU/LUFS) per track, for perceived loudness/energy per individual track simultaneously, integrated into the mixer. Not just the peak values. (Not sure which one(s) of these metering techniques that should be used, but some kind of average metering per individual track.) (VU meter/Peak meter/both option for all audio channels) (RMS / VU metering in mixer channels) (Per track RMS metering)

That would be useful too.

Agreed! Also metering scales like K etc. on all channels rather than control room master only. Thanks!

I agree with this. I would love professional-looking metering in Cubase, not only for making it look more adult, but also for technical mix reasons.