For info: Dear Reality pro2 causing Cubase to crash

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been using Dear reality plugins on my system
The latest version of Dear reality pro 2 on Windows 10 is causing random crashes with Cubase 12.0.70
I messaged dear reality to inform them of my issue.
I’ve had the same problem with their previous versions as well. Once they updated the plugin, the crashes disappeared.
Has anyone encountered similar problems ?

Thank you

its been working just fine with Cubase 13 (windows 11)

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You’re 100% right.
By bad. I purchased 2 plugins and assumed it was the dear vr pro2. Turned out to be a plugin called DIFIX.
I felt bad after pointing this out by mistake to dear reality. 2 days later they messaged me back. They ran a simulation like my setup
Win 10 / C12.0.70 with dear vr pro 2.
They said everything is fine. I then explained myself .
I really like there products. Been using them since Ambeo Orbit