For Mac Pro Users - which audio card have you installed ?

I understand that with the latest Mac Pro you can install audio cards as opposed to plugging in via usb or thunderbolt and wondered what audio cards were compatible and reccomended for the mac pro 7,1 ?

Aloha drdrdr,

AFAIK all Macs come with audio cards. My 1st one did ‘back-in-da-day’ in 1993.

And even tho’ the stereo ‘built-in’ cards (as they are called) have gotten much better over the years, (24 bit etc)
serious users will opt for 3rd party stuff to obtain a much much better sound experience.

Which card?
Depends on your needs. Are you planning to record 1 or two tracks at a time or an 80 piece orch?

Just type your quote

into a browser or Google it and you will see a variety of stuff from cheap to not so cheap.



RME cards are great. I’m using the RME HDSPe MADI FX. It’s always worked really well. If you need a zillion channels of I/O this is best solution I’ve found, but you have to be working with MADI. They have others utilizing optical I/O that I’ve used the past. All have been really stable and sound great. They’re not cheap, though.