For mac user mouse gestures using Nuendo are an issue.

By using a magic mouse or a magic trackpad with Nuendo it’s easy to accidentally modify parameters hovering fader, cursors and knobs. Since mouse and trackpad gestures are often involved for navigate trough the OS the only workaround at the moment is to have two mouse on the desk.

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    Can’t say it often enough!

Wouldn’t an app like BetterTouchTool Pro (what I use on my laptop with Nuendo) solve that problem? Gestures are app-specific.


It’s not an issue for Mac users, but for Magic “things” users. These things are magic, so they can act surprisely. That’s why I never touch those, I use a Logitech mouse, Better Touch Tool, and Keyboard Maestro.

Partly true, but with a conventional mouse we loose many OS features. Now I’ve two mouses on my desk.
Many other Daws like Pro Tools or Logic Pro x do not have this issue. Scroll to move is not a good feature.

They don’t act surprisely. They are scrolling horizontally and vertically. It’s not magic only because Apple calls it that way. It’s basic mouse navigation, only more convenient.
But since it’s an issue for years, I might as well start adapting to it and find my ways through it. :unamused:

Using a magic tracked here on Nuendo 8 (going up to 10). I don’t have issues that are “too bothersome” but…

Can anyone chime in re; …are trackpad issues at this point (changing parameters by mistake by hovering etc) worse, or better on NU 10??