For me 9.5.21 Crashes if I change projects within Cubase.

If I finish work on one project and then open another within Cubase 9.5.21 the project I load will crash at some point. This never, or very rarely happens if I shut Cubase down, re-start and then load the next project.

Does this still happen to anyone else? I have spent time trying to work out why this happens to no avail. I still suspect it is a memory issue - however, Cubase does not seem to be holding onto much memory. I would be very interested if anyone has any ideas. This has been happening to me since 8.5.

This has been an issue for quite a few people here on the forum for years now, from what I understand. Definitely happens to me and others, but only with larger projects.

This started happening to me recently. I now quit and restart Cubase after working on two (three max) projects. If I don’t, the fourth one will cause Cubase to crash. This was not a problem in version 8.5.

In general, version 9.5 is less stable than 8.5. Since upgrading I now hit ctrl-S after every operation. Hopefully version 10 will have increased stability. :frowning:

I only have had this happen if the projects use different sample rate.

All my projects are 44.1. The weird thing is that it never crashes immediately, but a bit later on I do something innocuous like bring up a vst gui or save and Cubase crashes. Obviously it has crossed my mind that it could be my system. However it has happened on my previous machine.

Any of you Steinberg guys got an idea as to what the cause of this is?