For Midex users

I’m starting this topic on the off-chance that sometime there might be a way to get the Midex working on Windows 7 64-bit … :astonished:

Not that I know of and not officially.

We share a predicament, and one that is the sole reason for me not going the Win7 way. I will, however, do so in '011, and the only solution is looking at an interface with that horse thingy on it. Unfortunately.



We share a predicament, and one that is the sole reason for me not going the Win7 way. I will, however, do so in '011, and the only solution is looking at an interface with that horse thingy on it. Unfortunately.


it looks like i might be joining you on the motu thingy ,come on steinberg release a win 7 driver for the midex 8 and save us all a load of greath !

would be much appreciated


does the midex 8 work on 7 in 32 bit ?

Most likely not though I have never tried.

hi edDoll

thanks again for sorting my registration out :smiley:

it would be a great shame to think steinberg have made a bit of hardware disposable and completely useless as it is one of the main parts of my home studio and im sure it would not break steinbergs bank to try and make an update for the midex ,ive just purchased c5 and wanted to update to windows 7 but now i either buy another bit of motu or sit on xp ,its sad really ,i looking forward to using c5 but need the midex , no chance of a driver update for this bit of hardware ,there are lots of users like me out there requiring this support

many thanks

This topic has been dicussed many time before and we won’t and cannot make a new driver because the device is discontinued and it wasn’t build by us alone anyway. Contracts haven’t been renewed since then.

So, and that’s it then… we can’t, we won’t and we don’t … and good luck with y’all.

I’d still like to make a comment here, I don’t understand why Steinberg didn’t launch a new similar product that simply does midi and would be a fair replacement.

Like midi is something of the past and will dissapear soon and less and less people will use it, I don’t believe this is the case. All these beautiful controllers are nice, but plain old midi seems of no interest to Steinberg… and this while Steinberg is the company of the great Cubase DAW which is all about audio and midi… How can this be explained.

Now ex-midex users are massively migrating to brands like Motu and Esi, doesn’t that bother Steinberg at all?

I’m still very dissapointed, not just because of the few hundred bucks I have to spent, but because you get so little in return as users nowadays in general. You’d say by 2011 that this continuing hassle with drivers should be something of the past (class-compliance?) but no, it’s 2011 and it goes on and on.

This is the reply I got from Steinberg on what to do now:

I’m sorry to say that there is nothing that you can do about this. The Midex has been ceased in 2003! Of course, this has not been done inconsiderately. Its logic board design actually makes it virtually impossible (which means highly non-economical) to develop new drivers. Otherwise the Midex series would still be produced and the drivers would still be maintained.

So it’s an economical thing, what a surprise! And what about me? Throwing away a few hundred dollars with 1 hand, and spending the same with the other… now that doesn’t sound very economical does it.

But the main question is, who is to blame?? “the other company” that helped developping? Microsoft? Steinberg?
Has Steinberg even tried to figure something out? Has anyone contacted Microsoft about it… please tell me, give me the idea that Steinberg doesn’t take this lightly… 200 dollars is nothing for Steinberg or Microsoft, but to me that’s a lot of money!

And please don’t give me: “then you shouldn’t have updated to Win7”…

What can one do or take notice of now, to prevent this in the future?

very well put , ive today received my c5 upgrade and i am disappointed to know that no one in the future will ever roll back to xp ,so that bit of equipment (midex) now becomes completely useless upgrading to 7 ,so why should anyone buy steinberg hardware ? cause one day you might as well just throw it in the bin !

When some kind Midex user on XP receives their Cubase 6 upgrade, would they be so gracious as to test it timing-wise with MIDITest please? I am curious to know whether the famed LTB still works in C6. It might make it worthwhile to install C6 on my XP parition for those projects that use external MIDI.

So, and that’s it then… we can’t, we won’t and we don’t … and good luck with y’all.

Sorry to read this thread. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later and catch up with the PC community. The Mac MIDEX owners were disenfranchised back in January of 2007. At least you guys got another 4 years of use out them. I had to jettison a pair of MIDEX 8’s and replace them with MOTU MIDI Express 128’s.

Pretty pricey screwing. Originally around $700 for the MIDEXes and an additional $470 for the MOTU’s. Yeah, I’m still feeling burned.

If you feel like wading through a 23 page Mac forum thread that was the largest thread ever generated in the entire Cubase forum on the MIDEX driver subject (over 120,000 reads)…go here:

Not pretty and it didn’t get the job done.

yes weasel i can understand the frustration maybe they are in cahoots with motu ,looks like everyone with have to be going that way

regards freq

There were reports on this working somewhere in the old forum. Though, I see no reason to limit myself to installing W732 when I upgrade in a couple of weeks, I want the full 64 bits. So, I have chosen to simply accept the fate of the Midex, and get a Motu (two, actually) for my MIDI duties. I do not, however, like to throw away perfectly fine hardware (albeit not working in my soon-to-be-present system), including the environmental impact, so I’ll have to look around and see if somebody would want a Midex8 for their system. Perhaps we should pool our units and see if schools, shelters or similar need them? Not that any of them are likely to have heaps of MIDI synths lying around, but… Anybody got ideas on how to recycle these things?


Mine is still in the rack, connected to an iPod USB power adaptor… the addidtional blue light always impresses musicians in the studio…

maybe when i make the jump to win7 then yes i think about recycling for a school or college


Yes, perfectly. Simply use the latest XP driver.

thanks timo thats good to know !


Thanks Timo! Now all we need is some workaround for W7x64 …

id do the miditest for you but it’s a right pain in the arse to remove the midex as all ports are being used and is racked under loads of other stuff , but timing seems to be tight as hell on c6 !