For Nuendo / Cubase > Intel i7 or i9 ??

Hello everyone ! :smiley:

Which processor to choose, Intel i9 or intel i7?

I need some advice to renew my computer park, I mainly use Nuendo & Cubase for music production, creation and post-production and a lot of plug-in and virtual instruments, my sound card is a RME UFX 2 and i work on Windows 10 home

Thank you all for your time, and look forward to hearing from you if you can help me !! :unamused:

Which generation of i7/i9’s are you looking at?

i7 Is fine for most, it really depends on your requirements, cooling, PSU and budget i guess. Surely you must have a basic idea with how your current system is performing?

Hi, for example,
Intel Core i9-9900K
INTEL i7-9700K

They’re basically the same CPU but the i9 has Hyper Threading so has double the threads (16 vs 8) available.
However, cooling is a concern on the i9’s - it will run like crap if you don’t spend out on a decent cooler as it will throttle (slow) itself.

The i7 is an easier system to build and manage - as i said before it really depends on your competency, budget, and requirements and no-one can really answer that for you.
What are you using right now, and how is that performing?

I am on an i7 960 3.20ghz, it is an old system but it worked very well so far. With the evolutions and needs of today I must of course also evolve.
My use is professional / production studio, and I need a lot of resources / calculations
If everything must be done to make it work and optimize cooling, no problem to invest!
But if the I9 has compatibility issues, and the performance is not that interesting, I’ll take an I7 of course. It must be worth it.
By the way many advise by far the i5 for audio

I simply want to build a station that will keep me many years with good performance.
Thank you for your answers

i9 Performance, due to the additional threads, when cooled properly, will be a significant step up from the i7. But the 9700K is already BIG step from your current i7 too.

I come from a Mac background so have been using Intel Xeon machines for a long time, in a professional capacity they are absolute workhorses and you can stack the CPU’s up if you get the right motherboards - i.e. i’m running 2x 8 core Xeon’s which give me 32 threads. But like any processor their Achilles heel is when a single thread spikes. So you’ve always got to manage resources to a degree, no matter how many cores/threads available to you - that’s something the newer i7/i9’s are strong on.

Since Cubase version 10 the i9 should run very well in regards to compatibility as they improved multi-threading, and i saw personally saw a big improvement in C10 vs C9, but i’m not sure on Nuendo and how that is with larger thread CPU’s. That’s about as much help as i can be i think! :slight_smile:

I hope that Nuendo handles this type of processors as well !! By my experience I think there will be no problem.
I note that there are no problems related to i9.
I thank you for all this information and for your time!
Looking forward to “talk again” with you

Just bought an i9 CPU pc and I’m getting audio dropout in Cubase 11