For older CPU - is it ok to update to win10 - 1909

Hi guys
I’m working on an I7 4770k for a couple of years, so far no real problems until recently I got some freezes from my system and Cubase as well.
It could be related to something else but nevertheless thinking about upgrading my Windows 10 - 1803 ver to 1909 (I also didn’t update windows for a year, like I said everything is fine)
Do you guys notice any improvements or di-improvement when you updated to the latest windows version?

Until recently I was using a first gen i5 that ran windows 8 okay but really struggled with 10. Also there was problems with the older integrated graphics drivers and open GL etc. But if you are already on 10 I expect it’s best to be on the latest update version.

Got tricked by the 1st Gen intel in the second post and posted too quick, had to delete :wink:

One my PCs also has a 4th Gen. Intel (PC3 in my sig) - it does not support all of the security options, but runs Cubase 10 and 10.5 and all third parties with not problems at all, both Win 10 1909 and 1903.
Just make sure the GPU supports Direct3D 11.2
There’s not much of a difference for supported hardware between these versions.

More generally:
Gen 1 and 2 are not supported by Intel for Windows 10, while 3rd Gen only if supported by the OEM:
We have an article about CPU and GPU support on Windows 10:


Actually I uninstalled my HD7750 drivers completely and everything is fine now, but my main questions, can I expect a decrease or an increase in performance updating to 1903 or 1909?

I didn’t notice any difference between the two versions, and I’m frankly not aware of any changes that could cause performance degradation.
The 7750 is still supported and have fully up to date drivers - a minimal installation or letting Windows do the job should both work fine.

Post-update issues can occur, but much less often than a couple years back, in our experience it has been pretty solid.
1903 and later solve the FLS issue much discussed here on the forum, so if that affected you, it’s a good reason to update.

I dont think its an issue.

My experience has been that both Windows 10 and Cubase 10 performance gets better with each update. No doubt many will argue otherwise, but here it is, and has been, fine on all versions. My advice would be to clone your harddisk onto another SSD (they’re getting cheaper by the minute) and upgrade that. That way you can easily revert.

Running better than ever here - Win 10, Cubase 10.5 on an ancient (but overclocked) i7 2600k with 32GB ram. So I think you should be fine

Using a Xeon E3-1231v3 in combination with an Intel z97 chipset mainboard and a simple GT710 VGA (WQHD resolution) and never run into issues specifically with Cubase 10/10.5 . I am using Windows 10 Pro N and removed most of the metro apps. Windows is on the latest release 1909 with most recent functional updates and patches.

Cubase 10.5 ia on latest version too (sorry, could not resist)

I have an old i7 960 and have not noticed any difference at all.

Interesting thread!

I have an old-old-old Intel Core I7-880 3,06GHz (3,73GHz overclocked) CPU (Lynnfield). Intel H55 Express Chipset. 16GB RAM.

I’m currently clean-installing Windows 10 Enterprise (was Win 8.1 Enterprise, still in my signature), I understand my CPU is not “supported” on Windows 10. What does that exactly mean? What problems may I encounter with Cubase Pro 10.5? At the moment, everything seems ok.


It means there are no official Windows 10 drivers for the chipset/CPU provided by Intel / MoBo manufacturer.

Problems you may have vary wildly, we’ve seen UI not rendered, random crashes, forced termination of the software… and a few systems with virtually no issues.
It’s really down to the software one is using, the more advanced software based on very recent APIs is running at the same time, the more likely the issues.

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Besides my new i9 system I also still use the exact same i7 4770K next to this and just updated to 1903 about a month ago. With CB10.5 Pro it runs better than it did on 1803. So I don’t see any issue for you updating yours.

Thank you all for the feedback! I think I will update, another question to all of those who updated, do you also download and install the “regular” windows updates? (besides the Win ver. ) because I close all my updates with WinStop due to a rogue update that made my Cubase freeze after couple of seconds of use, maybe it was fixed because it was 8 months ago…

Yeah, the 1909 Update is working fine here too. No feezes or any issues.
I got the update as usual over the Windows Update Menu (Settings/Update and Security/Windows Update)