for other new users: that midi chunk is called a "part"

yet another English term that might not seem obvious to a new user. A fragment of a midi track, containing some midi data: it’s called a ‘part’. Do you find this under “midi”? No, in the manual it’s under “Parts and Events”.

Of course it’s a midi “part” but an entire video segment is an ‘event’. Midi? No, an event is only a note-on kind of thing.

Hi, yes, part of learning something new is first get familiar with the “language”.
Cheers, Ernst

Yes, I understand. But in music, in English, a “part” is one instrument taken from a full score and printed out for the individual player. Or else it’s such a common word that one would never think to search for it. Might be a good index item for a future cubase manual. For future searches: samplitude uses “object” sonar uses “clip” cubase uses “part”.

I’d just like to refer you to the ‘Quick Start’ series of tutorials from Walt Hunnicutt on the Steinberg You Tube site (or Cubase Hub) where much of the terminology is described very well.