For stock EQ, is gain of 9dB plus really making digital 9dB plus or more like passive eq?

Hello, I want to know whether channel strip stock 4 bands eq is more like passive EQ or other…?

I was testing and making extreme gains and cuts but overall output volume change is not so much.

(I would not hate this at all)

Would it then mean, I can make extreme graphical eq changes…?!

Very curious, because graphical changing option shows me only little changes throughout the 4 bands :slight_smile:

I am very curious about this.


Add TestGenerator plug-in. Set specific frequency and sine wave (to make sure, there are no other frequencies). Then use EQ and increase the specific frequency by +6dB or +9dB. See what does the meter says.


On the right you see two lines around -5dB in the Meter section. That was before EQing. I’'d call that significant changes to the level.

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Right right, I was just confused by… not hearing any distortion after gaining about more than 9dB~12dB haha, now I realized I had a limiter on the stereo out bus!

Ok, no more confusion :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!