For the love of macros/PLE - make all command toggles separate on/off commands

This is pretty much the most important part of Cubase, it’s what set’s it apart

yes, Steinberg seems determined to disallow it to reach it’s full potential.

It’s fine to have cycling and toggle commands to reduce the amount of key commands taken up.

but, cycling/toggles are a complete utter wrench in the wheel spokes when it comes to macros and PLE.

There are so many functions I could create to speed up my workflow that are unobtainable or “half-work”.

Please, this - has - to be the next step with Key Commands - keep the cycle and toggle commands - but - also - break them up into individual on/off commands and individual commands for any cycling tools.

There is so much untapped potential here.


Because not having separate on & off is just…
(wait for it)

+π i radians is 180° or -1 on a complex plane.

This can also be very useful for remote controllers. Add to that a command that get cubase to send it’s status on all “objects” that is used per remote controller.

I thought it was Pi aka infinity.