For us Elements Users (and the like): Batch Export


I always find myself coming back to Cubase, specifically Cubase Elements, because I am able just get up a running(with having to remember the need to grab a dongle, to which I am aware sure will be phased out in the comforting iteration in Cubase 12)…however, what has always been a longing wish, is that option to batch export multiple tracks, in sequence,(with effect, etc., ) at once.

I am, well aware of the work around, i.e. to export the individually ,by “soloing” each track, but this came become rather tedious if a project contains more than 10 tracks, respectively.

All in favor of batch track export in Cubase 12 Elements and Artist…say “aye”?!

@Matthias_Quellmann — thanks for consideration!

this is a Pro feature… don’t think it will appear in Elements

yeah that feature exists so it is more of a “hey Steinberg, gimme free stuff” :slight_smile:

@st10ss and @glennloopez , Thanks for responding ! Yes, I’m aware such exist in Pro, but up until the 11 update it was a feature in Artist. And, with the former upgrade/update plenty of “Pro” features where given to Artist version and side-chaining was made available for all tiers.

So, to @glennloopez ‘s point it’s not about “gimme free stuff” but offering or enhancing basic functionality to maximize the use of tools one has or can afford at the moment. Perhaps, a scaled version of batch export can be offered?

once upon a time I was a Nuendo user. All of a sudden Steinberg took away the GM drum map function calling it a “music feature” that you needed to pay extra for if you were a Nuendo user. And at that time Nuendo was supposed to be their flagship. All these companies got plenty of versions trying to get people on board, then to upgrade. the whole thing is a mess, I seriously doubt you will get batch export on your version

I’m pretty sure that is incorrect.

One way or another, Steinberg needs to reserve certain features for the top level product which demands the top level price tag. One person’s “must have” is another person’s “I couldn’t care less about that, but we need …”.