Force autobank

Dear Steinberg team,
thanks for a great software over the years.

I see many people have controller issues with Mackie.
I was wondering if there is a way to make Cubase force banks by using the currently selected track and being able to send that to any Mackie controller?
The weakness Mackie has, in its default implementation, is that it will not follow selected tracks. But if Cubase could just change the bank and send that to the controller, then it would fix ALL Mackie controllers.

Can this be done?


This is implemented in the MIDI Remote already.

Hi, Martin.
You are correct, and I am using it, however it prevents us from using Mackie.
You either use normal MIDI or Mackie implementation.
But if you have a Mackie controller, like the Faderport (example, I use the Platform Nano), in Mackie mode, this does not work.
There are some disadvantages in using pure MIDI, like not getting some values showing up in screens.


It’s still in development.

Which values do you mean, please?

Hi, Martin.
Thank you for checking and letting me know it is still in development.
I think we may be talking about two different things.
I am using a fader controller (one fader) and it just follows the selected channel by receiving the value from the DAW. That is all.

I think you are talking about something better and different.
Is there any documentation on how to accomplish that/use the feature you have mentioned?