Force C8 to use one monitor in multi-monitor setup ?

Is it possible to force C8 to operate within one monitor even if you have a multi-monitor setup ? I can’t seem to restrict Cubase to one monitor - even if the main C8 window is only in one monitor, plugins seem to randomly open up on other monitors.

You can use a third party product like DisplayFusion for this. DisplayFusion has a child window management mode which will (attempt, and usually succeed) in popping up windows on the monitor where the parent window is located.

Very helpful - thanks.

Trying to use DisplayFusion with Cubase 8. Finding some strange behavior with the primary menu bar. It works after starting the system, but after moving the project window to a larger monitor (which is a split on a 4K display) the primary menu bar (still on the primary monitor on the computer) stops working. If I move the primary menu bar to the monitor with the project window it sometimes starts working again and sometimes does not. Anyone having similar problems?