force consolidate a mult-bar rest?

Hi everyone,

I have a piece that’s in 7/8, but it alternates beat grouping. So one measures will be (3+2+2)/8 and the next will be (2+2+3)/8 and back and forth like that. However, I don’t want to have a new time signature every measure and allow the musicians to keep track of the alternating grouping. It looks great in the score because I’ve inputted those beat groupings for every measure so the beaming and rests all look correct, and then I’ve “hidden” the time signatures. However, now I’m making parts and for those instruments that have multi-bar rests, they are not consolidated because of the hidden time signatures. So, for instance, a flute might have 20 individual measures of rests written out instead of |—20—|. Is there anyway to force those measures of rest to consolidate into a mult-bar rest? I’m really trying to avoid having to get rid of my hidden time signatures and do the beaming manually. That’s gonna take me ages and be very tedious.


7-8 part example.png

Well, not exactly. You could use independent time signatures only in those players and bars that require specific beaming perhaps.

Yeah, I tried that, too, and it’s possible, but it gets complicated and messy pretty quickly. So I was hoping there would be a simpler solution to force those bars together into a mult-bar rest since they’re all technically 7/8. Thanks for the quick reply!