Force duration not working across ties


No matter what I do I can’t seem to get this notation:

Dorico always forces this:

Is it possible to notate this as written in the top example?

Dorico considers a chain of tied notes to be a single note. If you create a tie between two notes, the properties of the tied note (including forced duration) come from the first note, not the second one.

So, if you create some notes using forced duration to specify the lengths, and then tie them together, you need to set forced duration on the first note of the chain of ties, otherwise the forced durations will be lost when you create the ties.

A method which “always works” (but may be more work than is absolutely necessary) is to select all the notes and press O, then create the ties.

If you don’t need double dots, you could also tell Dorico not to allow them. This is done in Notation Options/Note Grouping/Rhythm Dots. There you can select the maximum number of rhythm dots allowed in simple and compound beats. If you set this to 1, the music will enter as in your example.

Thanks, I used Rob’s suggestion and it worked perfectly.