Force dynamic problems

I am having trouble inputting the sfp or sfpp glyphs from the popover. They become “sub.” I also cannot input sff or rff from either the popover or the panel. They become “s” or “r”. sffp becomes “p sub.”

I confess to having changed out all the Bravura dynamics for Maestro as an experiment in the Music Symbol editor. While this worked OK for the Immediate Dynamics, it lead to a few strange results in the Force Dynamics both in the panel, where the characters appeared incorrectly spaced and illegible, and in the popover results.

So I restored all the dynamic glyphs to factory settings, and checked that twice. Now the panel now looks normal and I can enter all the Immediate Dynamics, but the Force Dynamics are problematic.

Are these Engraving Options correctly set?

That indeed was the “problem”, pianoleo. I made the change and all is well now.

But I can’t imagine why that setting is correct or even what it means.

I have never seen “s” to mean subito, and I hope I never do. I think I’ve seen "s. f, but that is asking for trouble.