Force Insert a new page

How do I force the staff to go on to a new page to facilitate page turning for piano?
In particular, after I add “SYSTEM BREAK” to force a split of a staff, how to force the next line of staff to appear on a new page?


Use a Frame break, not a System break.

It’s called a Frame break rather than a Page break, because in general you can have more than one “music frame” on a page - but the default layouts supplied with Dorico only have one music frame per page.

Hi Rob,
Thank you very much! I tried Frame Break, and it works! So that is the proper way to do page turning!

BTW, is there also a proper way to insert the text “V.S.” in Dorico to signal page turning?
Right now I use Shift-X and also need to set the text position to “Below” using the property pane. I can’t drag the text to where I want.

If you have a lot of page turns requiring v.s., what I would do is edit the right page of both first and default “part” master pages by adding a small text frame at the bottom containing the letters “V.S.”. It would then appear on every right page, but would be easier to delete in engrave mode rather than adding it all the time when needed.
I include two pics of what it would look like.

Dear Claude,
Thanks for your great pointer! I’m following your method of using master page to add “V.S.”, this works very well for me!

Best wishes,