Force sending key strokes to VST

Most VSTs behave nicely, some don’t.
It would be nice to have an option that sends all keyboard input to a VST window with active focus.

For instance Massive X inside Komplete Kontrol doesn’t take all keys, which results in random actions inside cubase when for instance entering a preset name in the save dialog.

So even if it’s probably the job of a VST to handle this correctly (kind of? since most VSTs manage to capture everything it’s not cubases fault, maybe?) it would be nice to have an option that prevents to much mayhem when things go wrong.

There must be something wrong in your configuration… it works normally here…

No, there’s nothing wrong with my setup.
It happens on two systems and still after system wipe and reinstall.
I’m on windows 10 cubase 11 pro Massive X inside Komplete Kontrol.

Turning off Always on Top is allegedly a workaround but it only lets some more keys through, either way most of the shortcuts defined in cubase are captured by cubase and don’t get through to massive x.

Steps to reproduce:
track with komplete → massive x
double click a macro knob to rename
type every letter and number → cubase does things, macro knob’s name is two or three random characters
click save button and try to name → same