Force showing staves (players) on a per-system basis

What is currently the best way to force show empty staves on a per-system basis?
I’ve set to hide empty staves, but want to from time to time show some empty ones.
In the past I believe I placed some blank text. Is there a better way?

Add a System Break (or Frame Break), then double-click on it. The dialog that appears is hopefully self-explanatory. What you set there will apply until you double-click on a later System/Frame Break and flick the Reset switches.

Awesome, thanks @pianoleo!! That’s a really cool feature.

I may have missed it, but didn’t find anything about that in the user-manual (Dorico help)?

The published manual is still only up to 3.1 - the 3.5 manual will be published soon, and that’s where you’ll find info about manual staff visibility. In the meantime, the 3.5 Version History is your friend.

Great, Thanks Lillie!!