"Force steam direction" doesn't work on tied note

In the first example I “forced steam direction down” on the two “g” notes. When I tie the two notes, the steam of the second note flips upwards again, as in example 2. Is there a way to prevent this?
2)Tie notes.png
1)Force steam direction down.png

I believe this has already come up here, the team knows about it :slight_smile:

You might use a different voice for the second note (that’s the solution when you have to tie enharmonics, so I guess it should work also with stem direction). The steps are:

  1. select your note.
  2. press u (to untie)
  3. select the second note
  4. ctrl-click and change voice to… (voice stem down)
  5. click the first and cmd-click the second (to select both)
  6. Press t (to tie them)

I did not try but it should work and is faster to do than to write it.

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You can fix this in layout mode.

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@Estigy: I guessed that this topic has been discussed already, but didn’t find it with forum search.

@ Marc: thank you for the workarround, I got it to work.

@UMahnken: ahh, that’s easier in layout-mode, same command but here it works an expected.

By layout-mode, you mean Engrave mode, right ?
There are many little detailed things that can be done in Engrave mode that cannot be achieved in Write mode, as selecting one note of a tie chain. It’s always worth trying that mode before anything else when one cannot achieve it in Write mode.

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Yes, sorry. I am always confused about the correct english terms since I am using the german version.

Oh, me too :slight_smile: …but I “interpreted” the right term engrave-mode.

That’s good to keep in mind, thanks Marc.