Force stem up/down for individual notes

Is it possible force the stem up/down for individual notes, when they’re beamed together with other notes? When I press ‘force stem up/down’, the whole beamed group changes the direction of the stem. In this case, I only want to force the stem up for the second and fourth note, not the other two (shown on picture). Can you help?
Screenshot (42)

If you want separate stems, they have to be in separate voices. You can have two separate groupings of alternating eighth notes, or you can overlap noteheads in multiple voices, so that way you have concurrent, but separate rhythms.

An easy way to achieve this is to simply select the notes that you want to be in a different voice, and press shift-V, or alternately, if those voices already exist, pressing V alone, will simply swap the notes into the other voice.

If you want the beam between the high and low notes, that’s
Edit > Notations > Stem > Force Centered Beam.

(I knew the wording of the command so I just used the Jump Bar. I had to hunt a while to actually find it in the menus.)


It’s also available in the context menu >Beaming IIRC

Thanks for helping me! I used the method shown by Mark, but thank you anyways.