Force time signature (nominal vs real time signature)

Hi. I´m trying to emulate the attached original engraving.
I´m writing in 6/1 time, but would like to display “3” as time signature.
Is that possible?
I am using Dorico SE, just to try the software. If not possible on this version, is it possible on Elements or Pro?

Welcome to the Dorico Forum! The usual trick to display a different time signature is to create a special pickup bar, followed by the hidden ‘real’ time signature in the next measure.
In this case:

  1. insert ShiftM3/2,12Enter
    This will create a 12/2 = 6/1 pickup bar, while displaying ‘3/2’.
  2. in the next bar, insert ShiftM6/1Enter
  3. Adjust the display of the 3/2 in the first bar to only show ‘3’ (properties panel below)
  4. Hide the 6/1 in the second bar (also properties panel).

Wow thank you so much.
When I was researching the forum I found the same concept applied to another case, but I did not quite understand the logic so I wasn´t able to use it for my specific issue. Thank you!