Force "To Coda" on First Run

I would like to hear the transition from “To Coda” to “Coda,” however, Dorico will only jump to the Coda after a repeat. Is there a way to do this that does not include adding temporary, nearby, repeats?

This is a much-requested feature (usually asked in the form: Can I start playback from the second/third/nth repeat?)
Unfortunately, there is currently no way of controlling from which repeat playback begins. It always assumes it is playing the first time.
The suggestion of adding temporary repeats is probably your best bet!

Users of Sibelius will know that its transport window has a scroller that represents the full timeline of the score, with repeats “unfolded”. I suppose this kind of thing could get too awkward with Dorico’s multiple flows. And there could be a legal issue with intellectual property. I wonder whether they intend to find a new way to control this.