FORCE users to create a location for their project audio

When using the HUB:

Change the default setting of Prompt For Location from disabled to enabled.

Shared pools can lead to accidental deletion of audio files from other projects. Not a good idea.

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I 200% support this FR.

Proper engineering ethic is to create separate project folders with their own internal data locations… users should be encouraged in that direction and it could prevent data loss which is pretty much the number 1 priority of all software

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Not at DAW right now so can’t post pic (or even give the proper command path), sorry. But there is an option you can set to enable Prompt For Location. This will prompt you for the location of each new Project and the Pool will save things in that Project’s Audio sub-folder by default.

This eliminates shared Pool Folders, unless you go out of your way to make it shared by putting two Projects in the same Folder.

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Yep. We don’t use the Hub but any time we create a new project there is an automatic prompt to specify a location.
This way the only chance you’re going to end up sharing an Audio folder is if you do it on purpose (e.g. by entering an existing project folder name).

I know that. I use it, I do not use the default. Your right, prompt is an answer but not really what I’m posting about. It sort of is but not exactly.

When you first set up Cubase as a new user it will not prompt for a location because that’s not the default behaviour. That’s not out-of-the-box and they might not know that the default is not a great idea.

The default is to share the audio pool and it should not be. Because what new users do not know is there is an option to clean up that pool and it will delete all of their audio from all of their closed projects. That happened to me many years ago when the hub first came out and I did not even know it was sharing audio. Another forum post reminded me of it and the user in that posted hated the idea of the default too. So he suggested we create a post to get rid of it lol or at least make that not the out-of-the-box behaviour.

Out-of-the-box should be to prompt :slight_smile: that what I want really.

This post is because the other default location has massive ramifications that are not explained and therefore not a good idea.

Not all feature requests are for experience users, some are ppl looking out for new users. This does not effect me but I thought it might be nice to save a new user the pain I went though a few years ago lol

That was not at all clear from your post. I think the length of your post muddled the actual request.

If what you are requesting is:
Change the default setting of Prompt For Location from disabled to enabled.

Then I 1000% agree.

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I shall reword it, you make a very good point.

There, changed. The rest was an idea how the developers can keep track of projects in a shared pool and in part use that to disable ‘remove unused data’ functionality.

But agreed, that’s probably muddying the waters.

You are right it really messes up new folks the way it is now.

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Yes, it’s a terrible thing, I’m still scared I will accidentally use it even now lol

Backup Project… is the only way to recover. But some folks end up with dozens of Projects mixed together.

Yes it’s a mess to get out of. I cannot even think of one redeeming feature of it.

Good point. Remove the option altogether and make it so the only available behavior is you get prompted - no functionality is lost because you can still share a Folder, it just needs to be a conscious decision instead of an accident.

I wouldn’t argue with that. I can’t think of a situation where I wouldn’t want the prompt.

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Yes there are no good reasons to keep it I can think of.

Of course everyone one needs to vote for this at the top of the page please :slight_smile:

That would be a massive help,

+1 Make it clear that a project is comprised of many things, and that we need a folder where all these things will go into.

I wonder if it would be more beneficial to point to a folder upon SAVING a project. I know this is impossible, as Audio has to be stored when recorded, edits, freeze files, all have to be there while working on a project. But the thing is, sometimes I don’t know if my noodling will produce something good, so when I create a project I just mindlessly click on a “Noodling” folder.

Now, if nothing comes out of it and I hit Don’t Save, all’s well, at least I had a good practice. But in the unfortunate occasion where something good seems to take form, when I’d better save it and work on it, I must immediately remember to build a proper folder path for the project that started in this generic “Noodling” folder, otherwise I’ll get myself in that situation where 2 projects reside in the same folder, which I’ve found out to be a big no-no.

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When I want to noodle I create a project in a folder called “empty project”. Then if I come up with something I like I then create a backup from that project to a new project and folder.

Then I close everything and open up a new backup and remove unused data. Now I have my demo idea in a new folder with just my relative data and I delete the empty project folder.

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That’s what I do too. But imagine if we didn’t have to do that. If by some magic way everything we had done until the point where we hit that save button was in some “temporary” place. It seems more intuitive to me. Maybe it isn’t. I don’t know.

But Cubase likes to keep things open ended. So that we don’t save a project, but we don’t delete the audio files that we recorded for the project we didn’t want to save either. Well, I guess there must be a reason why things are what they are.

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That would be nice. Nothing is committed to any folders unless we press save and then we get the first prompt for one folder for both audio and project. Maybe that should be another feature request.

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