Forced Duration

I created a crotchet with forced duration switched on. I then set the Grid value to quaver and moved it across the stave and it remained valid. When the note left the bar on which it was created, however, the forced duration property was lost. Can anyone explain why this is the case? Pasting the note to another bar worked fine.

At the point that the note spans the barline (in your case, when one quaver is to the left of the barline and the other quaver is to the right of the barline, tied) it is impossible for the note to retain its Force Duration property. If you cut and paste the note from one bar to the next, it will retain its Force Duration property. If, at the the point that the crotchet is on the fourth beat of the first bar, you set the grid to a crotchet or longer, then move the note right, it will retain its Force Duration property.

Thanks Leo, the explains it. I suppose I thought of forced duration as preferred duration, and that it would display as a crotchet where possible. Once it is lost, it’s obviously forgotten.